Sunday, April 25, 2010

Feasting During Famine - 1 Kings 17 - Notes & Podcast

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See Manuscript HERE.

Podcast is HERE now.


Anonymous said...

great message. Thanks for sharing. It encouraged me greatly!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Matt.
One morning last week I awakened with the thought: “Common sense didn’t build Noah’s Ark”. It kept returning with additions: Lazarus’ resurrection, the burning bush, parting the Red Sea and the greatest miracle; Jesus’ birth, life, death, resurrection and ascension and my salvation. Come to think of it, most of what I’ve read in the Bible has to do more with God’s miraculous guidance than with common sense. Common sense used scratchy fig leaves to cover unbelief, disobedience and nakedness.
Then on Sunday you planted another one; Common sense doesn’t provide “Feasting During Famine”. No, it’s all about an Almighty God’s miracle-sense and Elijah and the widow carrying it out. There’s nothing common about it, nor does it make sense until we become committed to placing ourselves in God’s hands and follow His plan.
Common sense tells us that we would be laughing with the common crowd, the ones over whom God grieved that He had made on earth and who had filled His heart with pain. Noah wasn’t using that common sense. He accepted and fulfilled God’s miracle-in-the- making marching orders. Elijah wasn’t using common sense either. He listened to God and spoke a few words to a widow who was able to see through common sense into the infinite world of miracles.
Thanks for the confirmation. God is wanting me to look more toward Him and His miracles than toward the “common-sense” of the crowd. I pray that I may focus on the path which He has laid out for me and for His church. Amen
Bro Stuart

Matt said...

Stuart: I really enjoyed reading your reflections on the sermon. It is a good reminder to me to continue to pray for, expect and recognize the miraculous hand of God providing for our needs. Thanks for commenting! -- Matt

Frank, Teresa & Alyssa said...

Hi Matt,
The question remains. Did you and Olli ever go back and finish your conquest of Mt. Rainier?

Matt said...

Frank -- I almost forgot! He and his fiance wanted to get married on the summit so we went back the next summer & I performed their wedding ceremony in the crater on the summit. They both climbed straight up the mountain (no rest -- 1 day). Me, on the other hand, took my time and started a day early. I waited for them half way up while resting in order to ensure my success.

Anonymous said...

im really diggin you, Matt. thanks for bringing such inspiration to Faith Center. Although i still miss bill and beth greatly, im positive God has a miraculous plan for you here in eureka.