Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Monday In Haiti


As the mission trip continues, our days are getting busier and fuller. That makes blogging even more challenging.

Today we were excited to see that our cement and mixing gravel was there when we arrived at the orphanage. The only thing missing was the concrete blocks we were waiting for, which just happened to be delivered right after we used the last of our supply! We had plenty to keep us busy all day.

It also was the first day of the VBS/Kids Camp that our team was putting on at the orphanage. They had about 100 kids show up from the surrounding neighborhood. They put together an amazing program of games, crafts, songs, stories & much more.
The biggest challenge of the day was the extreme heat and humidity. I believe it was about 98 degrees, plus very humid. We stayed hydrated but it took an effort for everyone. We look forward to doing the same thing again tomorrow. I believe we are going to make significant progress on the construction of the orphanage – we realize that the health of the kids and their living conditions depends on it. I hope to post a few pictures tomorrow.

We are doing well. Thank-you for all your prayers.
I have posted some new photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/matt_messner/sets/72157624798920121/

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