Friday, March 02, 2012

Good News for the Divadasi

Met with a pastor yesterday who had just returned from a successful outreach at a village where the annual festival to the goddess Yellama had taken place.  In limited English he described the thousands dreadlocked women who were there who had all been born into sexual slavery.  A church is in the community of this temple and had suffered from persecution in the past while attempting to share the gospel with this group.

A couple weeks ago their message was received as they shared the gospel with hundreds without opposition.  It was a fascinating story and the church was excited by the results they had seen.

Upon further research I discovered more about this mysterious group:

It is a tragic segment of society that is exploited from birth.  Anti-sex trafficking groups are reaching out with rescue efforts to break this vicious cycle.  Pray for the Divadasi of India.


Saundra Lee Allman said...

God loves these women and he has a wonderful plan for each one and each of us too.

Saundra Lee Allman said...

National womens work day March 8...with so many accomplishments in women in leadership, head of large corporate companies, owners of their businesses, Business to business networking, women in Pastoral positions in churches. Women doctors and accomplished higher is difficult to understand 3rd world countries are still so barbaric and cruel to women. I pray for them. I know God loves them so much. He has a plan for each woman and will rise each one with dignity, grace and pure beauty for his purpose. He lives them more than rubies and gold and silver. Thete homes will be mansions. I pray for those women to be healed and protected and know they are loved.